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Data Protection and Data Privacy Policy



BEENEAR SRL is committed to ensuring that privacy of those with whom we communicate is protected. These includes current, past and prospective employees, clients, providers, visitors to our website and others.

This policy only covers BEENEAR’s website.

Links to other websites are not covered by this policy.



What personal data is collected by BEENEAR SRL



Data Protection law says that we are allowed to use personal information only if we have a proper reason to do so. This includes sharing it outside BEENEAR SRL.

We collect the personal data that you may provide us while using our services through the use of enquiry and registration forms, CVs and when you email us your details. We will ensure that our staff and those acting on our behalf will treat personal data lawfully and correctly. To this end we fully endorse and adhere to the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The law says that we must have one or more of these reasons to collect personal data:

  • To fulfil a contract we have with you, or
  • When it is our legal duty, or
  • When it is in our legitimate interest, or
  • When you consent to it.


BEENEAR collects personal data about you for the purposes of:

  • Serving you as a customer (To manage our relationship with you or your business; To develop and carry out marketing activities such as: Marketing analysis, surveys and promotional events; To study how our customers use services from us and other organisations; To communicate with you about our services)
  • Business improvement (To test new services; To manage how we work with other companies that provide services to us and our customers; To develop new ways to meet our customers’ needs and to grow our business)
  • Managing our operations (To deliver our services; To make and manage customers)
  • Managing security and risk prevention (To manage risk for us and our customers; To obey laws and regulations that apply to us; To respond to complaints and seek to resolve them)
  • Business management (Management, administration and legal purposes. To run our business in an efficient and proper way. This includes managing our position, business capability, planning, adding and testing systems and processes, managing communications, corporate governance, etc)
  • Hiring activities (Managing CVs and any other information collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy, to determine suitable qualifications and abilities in order to match details with suitable positions.)

Candidate data (including CV information)

  • Your CV will usually contain personally identifiable data such as your name, address, e-mail, telephone number, current and past work details. BEENEAR SRL may also obtain personal data about you when we take references from those past employers or clients whom you have indicated on your CV which contacted. We may analyse your CV and any other information, collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy, to determine your qualifications and abilities in order to match your details with suitable organisations.
  • In order to help us find a vacancy which matches your requirements, we need your help to ensure that personal data we hold about you is accurate and up-to-date as possible. Accordingly we ask that you keep us informed of any changes to your details on a regular basis. You are responsible for ensuring that the personal data you provide to BEENEAR SRL is as complete and accurate as possible.
  • Your personal data is kept only as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information is processed. We keep these data during the recruitment process, during which time it is kept under secure conditions that do not allow unauthorized access to them. After completing the recruitment process, we keep the data for a maximum of 36 months.


How we use your personal data


Through the use of management controls we will:

  • Keep your personal data for no longer than necessary (we will keep your personal information for as long as you are a customer of BEENEAR SRL. We may also keep your data for longer than that, if we cannot delete it for legal, regulatory or technical reasons).
  • Undertake checks on the quality of data held.
  • Ensure that the rights of people about whom data is held, are able to exercise those rights.
  • Regularly review the way we process personal data in compliance with GDPR.

If you choose not to give us this personal information, it may delay or prevent us from fulfilling our contract with you, or doing what we must do by law. It may also mean that we cannot run your accounts or policies. It could mean that we cancel a product or service you have with us.

We sometimes ask for information that is useful, but not required by law or a contract. We will make this clear when we ask for it. You do not have to give us these extra details and it won’t affect the products or services you have with us.


Your rights


  • The right to be informed about your data
    Upon request, we will provide you with information about your personal data that we keep.
  • The right to correct and complete your data
    If the information about you is wrong, we will correct it if you will notify us in this regard.
  • The right to restrict the use of your data

We may sometimes be able to restrict the use of your data. This means that it can only be used for certain things, such as legal claims or to exercise legal rights.

You can ask us to restrict the use of your personal information if:

  • It is not accurate
  • It has been used unlawfully but you don’t want us to delete it
  • It is not relevant any more, but you want us to keep it for use in legal claims
  • You have already asked us to stop using your data but you are waiting for us to tell you if we are allowed to keep on using it

If we do restrict your information in this way, we will not use or share it in other ways while it is restricted.

  • The right to delete your data
    Upon request, we will delete the information about your personal data that we keep.
    However, certain data will only be deleted after a certain period of time, for example because we have an obligation to keep the data in accordance with legal provisions or to fulfill contractual obligations towards you.
  • The right to withdraw your consent
    You may withdraw your consent to the processing of your data at any time with effect in the future. The legality of your data processing will not be affected by this until your consent is withdrawn.
  • The right to oppose the processing of your data
    You may oppose your processing of your data at any time with effect in the future if our processing of your data is based on one of the legal justifications. If you oppose the processing of your data, we will cease processing your data, provided there are no legitimate reasons for further processing.
  • The right to data portability
    Upon your request, we can provide you with some information in a structured format, commonly used and electronically processable.


How we work out what marketing you receive


We use marketing to let you know about services and offers that you may want from us. This section tells you how we decide what marketing to show or send you. It also explains how we work out what you may be interested in.
We may use your personal information to make decisions about what services and offers we think you may be interested in. This is what we mean when we talk about ‘marketing’.
We can only use your personal information to send you marketing messages if we have either your consent or a ‘legitimate interest’. That is when we have a business or commercial reason to use your information. It must not conflict unfairly with your own interests.
The personal information we have for you is made up of what you tell us, and data we collect when you use our services, or from outside organisations we work with. We study this to form a view on what we think you may want or need, or what may be of interest to you. This is how we decide which services and offers may be relevant for you. This is called profiling for marketing purposes. You can contact us at any time and ask us to stop using your personal information this way.
If you allow it, we may show or send you marketing material online (on our own and other websites including social media), or by email, mobile phone or post. What you get will depend on marketing choices that you set. You can change these at any time and tell us to stop sending you marketing.
You can also tell us not to collect data while you are using our website. If you do, you will still see some marketing but it will not be tailored to you.

See our Cookies Policy for details about how we use this data to improve our website.

Whatever you choose, you’ll still receive statements and other important information such as changes to your existing products and services.
We may ask you to confirm or update your choices, if you take out any new services with us in future. We will also ask you to do this if there are changes in the law, regulation, or the structure of our business.
If you change your mind you can contact us to update your choices at any time.

We do not sell the information we have about you to outside organisations.


How is my personal data stored by BEENEAR SRL?
The personal data you provide to BEENEAR SRL is submitted on the understanding that it may be held by us in our systems. The security systems of BEENEAR SRL are protected by industry recognised secure methods.


We do not disclose your personal data to other organisations, except as necessary for the purposes for which you have supplied your personal data or to meet legal or regulatory obligation or if necessary for legal proceedings.


Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network can be 100% secure, but BEENEAR SRL applies security methods, policies, rules and technical measures to protect the personal data that we have under our control from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification and unlawful destruction or accidental loss.

BEENEAR SRL makes sure that there is always someone with specific responsibility for data protection. This is the nominated person who can assist you with your enquiries or any other concerns regarding the collection and use of your personal data.

If you want to object to how we use your data, or ask us to delete it or restrict how we use it please contact us on

If you believe that your rights have been violated, you may file a complaint, addressed to the National Supervisory Authority for Data Protection. (

By using our website you consent to this policy and to the collection and use of personal data as specified above.

****We may update this Policy from time to time and we will notify you of any changes by posting the new version on the Website.

Please consult this policy periodically for any changes.