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Introducing our software solutions crafted with your needs in mind: beepresent and beegreen.


beepresent: Your choice for an access control app is the solution for seamless access and employee management in on-site environments like offices and factories.

beegreen: Your go-to solution for public institutions and private entities seeking to optimize green space management, revolutionizing the oversight of parks, gardens, and natural areas.

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Introducing our employee management application, beepresent – a powerful tool designed to work seamlessly alongside a hardware access control system in various settings such as factories, warehouses, and companies.


Say goodbye to cumbersome entry protocols and hello to efficient access control. beepresent simplifies user access with its intuitive interface, ensuring secure and convenient entry for authorized personnel, streamlining operations and enhancing security for your workplace.


Our innovative app streamlines user access & holiday plan, by facilitating the use of access cards, ensuring secure entry for authorized personnel and flawless employee attendance management.

Introducing our online registry for green spaces, beegreen – an innovative software designed to digitalize green spaces, revolutionizing the way we interact with and manage our natural environments.


Say goodbye to bureaucracy and hello to streamlined processes and enhanced sustainability. beegreen provides tailored features to facilitate resource allocation and promote environmental stewardship, allowing organizations to elevate their green space management practices.


This cutting-edge solution aims to enhance the sustainability, efficiency, and overall experience of green spaces management. By leveraging advanced technologies, beegreen offers a range of benefits and opportunities for both users and administrators.

built for you

Our software solutions offer comprehensive support for your needs. Our solid experience in retail, logistic and CRM systems offer us the base for creating tailored solutions for personnel management and green spaces management, designed to optimize business operations. 

Our solutions stand ready to elevate your operations and are designed to meet your specific requirements.

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1. Initial contact

  • we assess your needs
  • we establish the requirements
  • discuss the solution details

2. Proposal

  • we plan eventual customizations
  • estimate of costs
  • we present you the demo 

3. Agreement

  • we discuss the legal aspects of the collaboration
  • contract signing
  • KPIs agreement

4. Solution delivery

  • data migration & application configuration 
  • user training
  • go-live and support set-up