We go where IT creates value

A special team for you and your business

A strong experience offering software development services

We have a solid experience on the market and our company has a constant annual increase in turnover of 20%.

We successfully contributed to over 300 companies

We contributed to the success of more than 300 software companies around the world.

A team of highly skilled professionals

Our team of professionals is in a continuous development, competencies wise and has an average annual increase of 15%.

We support the development of your business

Our journey started in 2004, and over time we acquired a strong experience on the IT&C market. With headquarters in Iasi, our company has been providing software development services to the global market, covering areas from retail, to logistics, financial and many more. We provide our services to important and world-renowned software companies, some of the biggest global software solution providers.

Global collaboration environment, remote and onsite

Through our customers and partners our work is currently present globally, in more than 15 countries. This is how our journey benefits from an international exposure, as we can have a better understanding of our customer’s’ requirements and expectations, by encouraging, when possible, on-site development.

We support the professional development of our team

We aim to be a point of reference for software development and trusted partners for the biggest solution providers on the market. Every company is different and that is a strong point, especially for us. What makes us special is our value system, based on four core pillars, that enabled us to grow and become the strong team we are today. Our opportunities can provide you the tools to jumpstart your career or to upgrade it to the next level.

Development & support services

Software solutions

Success Stories

Career opportunities

The values that guide us

The client

What matters for us is having in mind the requirements of our clients and satisfying them through a continuous process of improvement, based on strong and transparent communication.

We are always searching for various solutions and ways to reach our purpose and objectives, even in our daily routine tasks, there is always room for improvement.

We like to take decisions and take responsibility for them, individually but also as a team. Our reliability resides on how we reach our objectives and the results we planned.

The team

We like to work together because we find our strength in being a team. That is how we can respond to the needs expressed by our clients.

Some of the clients who trust us