The easiest way to manage employee attendance

beepresent - employee management

The easiest way to manage employee attendance

beepresent is a powerful tool designed to work seamlessly alongside a hardware access control system in various settings such as factories, warehouses, and companies.

Covering everything from attendance, monthly presence sheets, reports filtered by departments, clients and teams, up to holiday management, both for admin users and employees, beepresent answers all your needs. 


Employee attendance management made simple, legally compliant and data secure.

Valuable insights based on real-time data

beepresent transforms attendance data tracking and analysis, providing valuable insights into individual performance. Access to monthly reports summarizing work hours, average time spent at the office / company HQ, and entry/exit times for each user, are provided in real-time.

Based on the data available, beepresent automatically generates monthly attendance sheets, without the hassle of having to manually prepare them. 

A reliable solution for secure workspaces

beepresent integrates with hardware components placed at each entry point, both collecting data in real-time, with the use of access cards, but most importantly, guaranteeing access only to authorized personnel.  

beepresent therefore streamlines user access, attendance and holiday management, by facilitating the use of access cards.


Ensuring secure access for authorized personnel.

Essential features for easy and optimized employee attendance management

Attendance in real-time

Seamless attendance record management, tracking access card holder entries and exits, providing real-time data, accessible on both computers and mobile devices.

Automated attendance sheets​

Simplified attendance tracking by generating “Attendance Sheet” documents, showcasing daily hours worked per employee, ensuring accurate and efficient record-keeping.

Valuable reports​

Transform attendance data tracking and analysis, with monthly reports summarizing work hours, averages, and entry/exit times for each user.

Holiday management

Streamlined planned absence management, including vacations and business trips, ensuring efficient communication through regular notifications to superiors involved.

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