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beegreen - an online registry

The best solution for green spaces management

beegreen represents an innovative software solution designed to simplify and optimize the management of green spaces. Through its array of essential functionalities, beegreen is designed to meet the specific demands of public institutions in their mission towards a better community.

From public parks to botanical gardens, beegreen offers a comprehensive platform to ensure efficient and effective oversight of green spaces. 

We support the development of your community

Limited access to clear and standardized public information about managed green spaces hampers community engagement. Prioritizing transparency and improving user-friendly information availability is essential for empowering communities in environmental initiatives.

beegreen addresses this need by streamlining green space management and enhancing communication for community-driven sustainability efforts.

A solution for smart and engaged communities

beegreen streamlines green space management while fostering dialogue between public institutions and communities. The platform facilitates information sharing and discussions, empowering public institutions to engage local communities in decision-making for sustainable environmental management.

Through open dialogue, beegreen promotes collaboration and continuous improvement in park and natural area management.

Essential features for easy and optimized green spaces management

Online registry

Centralize and organize all green space data in one accessible platform, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

Document flow

Automated document management, ensuring easy access, tracking of essential files, saving valuable time and resources.

Social dialogue

Foster community engagement by gathering input from stakeholders, promoting transparency in decision-making processes.

Interactive map

All green spaces are visible on an interactive map view, facilitating informed decision-making and resource allocation.


Transform raw data into actionable insights with comprehensive reports that optimize green space management strategies.

Budget management

Track expenses, allocate resources effectively, and ensure fiscal responsibility, maximizing the impact of all initiatives.

Budget reports

Stay informed and accountable with detailed budget reports, that provide transparency and clarity regarding financial allocations.

Legislation compliance

Navigate regulatory requirements with ease by staying compliant with relevant environmental legislation, minimizing risks.

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