Software Development

BeeNear was created to stand by its customers throughout the software design and development process based on the main platforms in the market.

The customers can rely upon our excellent team of software designers and developers, specially organized to meet their functional and technical specifications in the development of solutions and to transform the analysis in solid and cutting edge applications.

We start from our customer’s requirements:

  • development of new applications,
  • development of new functionalities for the existing applications focusing on their integration,
  • development of interfaces for software-to-software interaction and for the interaction between applications and peripheral devices,
  • re-engineering of the existing solutions for better operation and to use the best of the latest technologies.

Our resources are particularly competent on the following operating systems: Windows, UNIX and Linux. In respect of databases, we are extremely skilful on DB2, SQL, and Oracle.

Our software designers and developers are permanently trained in and updated to the main development languages. We have teams specialized in Java, PHP, .Net , C#, C++, Visual Basic, Silver Light, SharePoint, SDK SAP and ABAP.

The monitoring of the design and development process is ensured by the Quality Assurance department, ISTQB certified.
We can offer various cooperation models that enable a better understanding and adjustment to our customer’s requirements and project organization. For example, we can:

  • manage small software development projects and make available in a short time a well organized project team,
  • deal with challenging and long-term projects and assign to our customer a permanent project team.

The software development is mainly done at the office in Iasi (Romania) but, if necessary, beenear can also re-locate the project team at our customer’s office.

The project communication is in English and Italian.