the client

Tekne was born in Bologna in 1991 and quickly established itself as a provider of management programs in partnership with the main actors of the GDO. Over the years the company became a leader in information systems for the retail and distribution chain. 

The company innovates the paradigms of the sector, creating new ones, with customized, effective and technologically advanced solutions, able to support the programmatic and technological development of companies even from their immediate needs. 

The solution

The development of the software product Price Optimization involved a joint effort both from #beenear and also its partner, #Tekne, for more than 10 years, as the partnership is one of the longest and most prolific our company has, dating from our very beginning – from 2004. Today, the use of this solution is widespread in all the major Italian distribution chains. 

With the use of Price Optimization, you can automatically generate the retail prices of consumer goods by reacting quickly to changes in the market and ensuring in the same time the respect of marginality and targets, taking into account the competitive positioning on individual local markets. The software runs with precision all the prices for all the items and provides, with the same accuracy, the future evolution of the market considering also the seasonality factor. 

Regarding the technical aspects, the solution was created using HTML5 for the front end and JEE for the back end. The database used is ORACLE with the use of Stored Procedure based on PL/SQL language.   

The partnership

The commitment and involvement of Beenear in the partnership goes beyond software development, as our company supports its partner also in the promotion of the Price Optimization solution on the Brazilian market. The first results are very encouraging and some major Brazilian distribution chains are already experiencing the use of the product on the South American market. 

The Beenear team dedicated to the partnership with Tekne counts today over 25 professionals, with a solid experience in .NET and Java technologies, involved in the development and improvement of multiple solutions.