help desk

Help Desk Services

An efficient technical support service for IT infrastructures and applications

We can provide our customers technical support services for the software products implemented at the final users. This service addresses both software applications and basic software products.

The technical assistance team provides services in the following 5 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French and Romanian.

This service uses the ultimate communication technology and, if necessary, it can operate 24 hours a day in order to cover all time zones.

Our staffs have a vast experience and basic professional skills for managing the relationship with the final users, diagnosing the errors reported by the user, and for initiating checks and reestablishment procedures. Beside these basic competences, our personnel is also trained in the specific software solutions for which the helpdesk service is provided.

Our work methodology provides a close relation with the technical and customer service staff so that the resources of Beenear become “entirely yours” in compliance with the standards set by the customer.

Moreover, our helpdesk operators can also monitor and do “mission critical” operations to the technological infrastructure (network, database, device etc.) using the software tools owned by Beenear or the ones specified by the customer.

We provide our customers with reports prepared on a regular and mutually agreed timetable to allow them the control and monitoring of the activities.