The company DI.TECH SPA. was founded in Bologna in 1991 by thirty-year experience of a group of professionals of the distribution which have always worked in the area of the innovation processes of every subject of the supply chain, using also the tools offered by IT&C, for the fast evolution of modern retail , of its format and its flows.

DI.TECH SPA has as a mission to: “… BE AN ORGANIZATION LEADER IN THE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS FOR DISTRIBUTION THROUGH THE DEVELOPMENT AND DIFUSSION OF SOLUTIONS INNOVATIVE AND INTEGRATED. „ Our partner, DI.TECH SPA puts us in a position to offer systems and consultancy services for any subject in the supply chain.

The university “AL. I. Cuza” is the oldest institution of higher education in Romania. Since 1860, represents a point of excellence in teaching and research.

With more than 38,000 students and more than 800 professors, the university enjoys a high prestige at national and international levels.

The strategic cooperation agreement signed with the rector of the University „Al I. Cuza ” was one of the most important moments in the evolution of our company. With the UAIC we organize conferences on our specific areas of expertise.

The Department of Computer Science in Iasi gives us a solid basis on which to build the technology skills necessary for the development of our company.

The collaboration with the university gives us access to the most qualified professional resources and development of technology projects of common interest.

FEAA is one of the faculties of economy the most prestigious in Romania. It was founded in 1843. Its mission is to develop the intellectual capacity, moral character and expertise of his students, as essential for the formation of professional elite of high-level, development of scientific research, dissemination of economic culture, the promotion the value of economic and political freedom, development of entrepreneurship and the economic and social progress.

With FEAA we organize scientific events for economical actors and students.