About us

Team, quality, professionalism

Who we are

Since 2004 we have been offering services for IT&C field, for the European market, especially for the Italian one. Through a commercial agreement, since 2013 the company entered on the German market.

The company is based in Iasi – Romania and was born from an Italian business initiative (involving private individuals and public institutions) aimed at creating a center of excellence in the design and development of software in the JAVA technology environments and Microsoft. NET.

We like to listen, understand and deepen our customers’ requirements, priorities and style in order to be able to stand by them and perfectly integrate into their team.

We want our outcomes to be the unit measure in the assessment of our work.


Our professional team stands by and integrates into our customers’ teams during the various stages of software development process.  We are able to:

  • integrate new highly qualified human resources in the existing project team,
  • develop software applications based on our customers’ specifications.

We usually communicate at distance, always taking into account the localization aspects like language, time zone and business type but, if necessary, we can also provide on-site personnel.

We adjust to the methodology, technology and instruments used by our customers in order to provide maximum efficiency of services and team integration.


Due to our professional staff and its experience acquired in many years of activity on the European market, we have the capacity to provide the following services:

  • software development,
  • helpdesk services for software applications and infrastructure,
  • telemarketing services for software products.

Our Team